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Wednesday 04 Aug 2021


We are members of the Better Business Bureau!  You may see our listing here.

Frequently Asked Questions PDF Print E-mail

Why should I choose Griffin Drywall to do my drywall work?

  • With over 30 years of experience in the area of drywall installation, texturing, taping, and finishing, Griffin Drywall has the expertise to do quality work.  In occupied homes we put an emphasis on cleanliness, property protection, and keeping dust to a minimum. Griffin Drywall strives to give competitive bids on all of our projects.

Do you work on small projects?


  • We love small projects!


Do you work outside of the Boise area?

  • Griffin Drywall will submit free estimates on projects up to 15 miles outside the Boise Metro area.  We regularly work on projects in Eagle, Star, Kuna, Caldwell and other nearby cities.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

  • Griffin Drywall accepts cash or personal or business checks as payment for work in progress or work that has been completed.

Who does the actual work on my project?

  • Paul W. Griffin, owner of Griffin Properties, LLC dba Griffin Drywall personally performs the work on all small jobs.  Griffin Drywall often hires licensed and insured subcontractors to assist in larger projects.

If I call for free estimates, am I going to be subjected to high pressure sales tactics?

  • No. The purpose of the free estimates is to give the requester answers to questions they may have regarding their drywall project as well as to give a numerical bid/estimate.  Griffin Drywall often will do a follow-up call to ensure that the bid/estimate has been received since many of our bids/estimates go out in the form of texts or e-mails.

Will I be asked to pay money up front to start my project?

  • No. It is possible on larger jobs that will take more than one or two days that a draw will be requested at a certain point of the job.  This will be known prior to the start of the job, as it will be stated in the contract. On smaller jobs that take one to two days to finish, Griffin Drywall will carry the costs and receive payment at the completion of the project.

Do you work at an hourly rate?

  • No.  Griffin Drywall bids the job at a set price.  Work will only be scheduled once the bid is accepted by the homeowner.  This gives clarity to both the contractor and the customer as to what their final cost will be.

Do you provide free estimates?

  • Griffin Drywall provides free estimates for your drywall project large or small. Occasionally, estimates can be given over the phone if the project involves a routine drywall repair but we reserve the right to change the bid if the scope of work turns out to be much larger once we arrive.  Most often however, we will come to the home/job site and look at the project.  The bid/estimates may be presented on the spot, but in most cases that is not feasible so we strive to submit a bid within 48 hours of the visit.

How can I work to keep my bill to a minimum? (Will you work with me to keep the cost down?)

  • We would be happy to work with you as far as offering suggestions/advice on how to keep the cost of your drywall repair/project at a reasonable rate.

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